250.000 and general site update

Useful Interior

My Minecraft mod Useful Interior just reached over 250.000 downloads! Thanks to everyone who downloaded the mod.

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Site Updates

Cookies are now in use on this page. This allows me to introduce a dark theme to the page. To enable it, click on the moon icon in the top right (on desktop) or in the navigation menu (mobile). To disable it, click the sun icon Click here to learn more about cookies on this site

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Useful Interior 0.13 Update

First update for Useful Interior of 2019!

0.13 image

Here is a list of changes and additions:

  • Added Ice Bucket
  • Added Packed Ice Bucket
  • Added Red Sandbox
  • Added Gramophone
  • Changed Vegetable Mix Recipe
  • Changed some Freezer Recipes
  • BUG Empty bookshelves now work with enchanting tables. Fewer books = less effective. (thx Darkfiend009)
  • BUG Breaking a Street Lantern would break multiple blocks above the lantern. (thx Heriptik)
  • BUG The Trash Cans now have a GUI and work on Servers (thx DonRedhorse)
  • BUG Breaking a bookshelf with silktouch would still return an empty bookshelf. (thx just_some_user)


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Safety Update

Small update, but this site is now Secure.

The url changed from http://www.ostpol.it/ to https://ostpol.it/

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Biggest site update yet


to the all new ostpol.it site. This time I've really changed a lot of things.

First of all, I've upgraded to Bootstrap 4. So everything is a bit more modern now. Second of all, I have changed the look of the blog site. Now the header is more defined than before.

Also, there is now a "View Full" or "Continue Reading" link at the bottom of each blog post. This will redirect you to a full-page version of the blog post. There, you're also able to share these posts. The continue reading option of the button will only be shown if the post is longer than 1.000 characters.

The attachements only get shown in the full-page version of the blog.

When posting the blogs, I now also have the option of using Markdown. This will allow me to create the blog posts faster and easier.

I've also added Icons to the contact form.

That's it for now. Now I finally have a page where I can easily post updates about every project of mine. I of course plan to update the page even more in the future.....

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Even more changes!

Hello once again!
Only minor changes this time. I've made the blog section a little bit smaller to fit in my twitter timeline on the right. At the bottom of my blog posts, you'll see a message telling you that you've reached the end.
I have also changed up the Contact page a bit. I removed the images at the top and added a Twitter follow button at the bottom.

That's it!

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It's been a while

So.. it's been a while since I posted on here.
I've been working on some personal projects while I was "gone". I hope that I'll be able to show you some progress in the near future. Follow me on twitter @ostpolDev for updates.
I have been working on this site for a bit. In the future, when I'll hopefully have posted more, you'll be able to see a next button at the bottom of the page to show older blog posts. I've also added attachements! They allow me to attach images to blog posts. And that's pretty much it. For now, i can show you a Voxel Pig I made in Magica Voxel. Until next time!

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Useful Interior Update

It's been a while, but tomorrow I will be releasing version 0.10 of Useful Interior. I have also updated the Wiki for version 0.9.

On the Curseforge Page you will also find a Mod Review by Neumatix

Useful Interior Mod Page

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Useful Interior Wiki

The Useful Interior mod has grown very fast. At the time of this post, is has over 50k downloads.

I've created a Wiki, as the mod has some new mechanics like Power.

Useful Interior Wiki

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Potion Bears Update

For a long time now, Potion Bears had an Issue on Servers. Now, finally I've fixed the problems and it is now playable again.
File Download

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New Mod: Useful Interior

My newest mod has been released on Curse Forge.
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New Program Section

I've added a new Section called "Programs". For now there is only one program called "Line Counter".
Read more about it here: Line Counter

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TechOres Update

The Minecraft Mod "Tech Ores" has been back-ported to Game version 1.11.2
View the mod Page: Tech Ores

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That's it!

Congratulations! You've reached the end. These were all 12 of my blog posts. Hope you enjoyed some of them!