Useful Interior

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This mod adds a bunch of Furniture and other decorative Items / Blocks to the Game.

Besides decorative blocks, there are also functioning blocks like a Microwave and an Oven.

Useful Interior works with JEI and Pam's HarvestCraft.


Video by Logdotzip:

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Latest Update

  • Added Ice Bucket
  • Added Packed Ice Bucket
  • Added Red Sandbox
  • Added Gramophone
  • [CHANGED] Vegetable Mix Recipe
  • [CHANGED] some Freezer Recipes
  • [BUG] Empty bookshelves now work with enchanting tables. Fewer books = less effective (thx Darkfiend009 [Comment])
  • [BUG] Breaking a Street Lantern would break multiple blocks above the lantern. (thx Heriptik)
  • [BUG] The Trash Cans now have a GUI and work on Servers (thx DonRedhorse)
  • [BUG] Breaking a bookshelf with silk touch would still return an empty bookshelf. (thx just_some_user)
0.12 christmas update


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Working Oven cooking Food



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