Lang to excel

Lang to Excel is a Windows forms app that converts lang files to excel files.

How to use

First, select "Load folder" to select a folder that contains all .lang files that should be converted to an excel file. All files loaded will be added as seperate worksheets in excel. Then you can change some options and preview the files. To preview, double click an item in the treeview below. The options that can be changed are:

Option Effect
Auto format header Write the header in bold and with a border
Auto scale columns If the columns should be auto fitted to the content
Open when finishedr If excel is installed, the file will be openend when finished

After that, the file can be created by clicking the "Convert to .xls" button. This will prompt you to select a folder in wich a file called "generated_from_lang.xls" will be generated.


Lang To Excel v1.0 - Windows

Files downloaded:

  • files_Lang to

Source Code:

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