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Low Capacity Battery Item
Medium Capacity Battery Item
High Capacity Battery Item
Creative Battery Item


Stack Size 1
Energy Capacity
5000 - Low Capacity
10000 - Medium Capacity
20000 - High Capacity
∞ - Creative
Added Update 0.4 / 0.5
ID of:battery

Battery Settings can be changed or disabled in the Config file.



Low Capacity Batteries are Crafted with 3 Iron Nuggets, 4 Iron Ingots and 2 Redstone Dust.


Medium Capacity Batteries are crafted with 1 Low Capacity Battery and 8 Redstone Dust


High Capacity Batteries are crafted with 1 Medium Capacity Battery and 8 Redstone Blocks

Creative Batteries cannot be crafted


Batteries are Charged in a Battery Charger. By Default, it takes 10 Redstone Dust to completely fill a Low Capacity Battery. (1 Redstone Dust = 500 Energy Units).


Batteries are used in these Machines:

Machine Energy per Tick *
Microwave 2
Oven 1
Freezer 1
Stove Top 1
Fryer 1

* Based on Default Settings in the Config