Battery Charger

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Battery Charger Block


Material Stone
Stack Size 64
Hardness 2
Inventory Slots 3



The Battery Charger is crafted with 3 Stone, 2 Iron Ingots, 1 Lapis Lazuli, 2 Redstone Dust and 1 Redstone Block

How to Use


The Battery Charger has 2 Input Slots and one Output Slot. The first one (left) is the Empty Battery Input. Batteries in this Slot will be charged. When they are fully charged, they will be automatically put into the second slot (center). To Charge the Battery Charger, Redstone Dust needs to be provided in the third slot (right). One Redstone Dust will take 2.5 seconds to process and charges the Battery Charger by 5000 Energy Units.


When enough energy is stored, 500 energy / tick will be added to the empty Battery



The Battery charger can handle simple Automation. The left side, indicated by a green square, is an input for Empty Batteries . The right side (indicated by a red square) is an Input for Redstone Dust. The Bottom Side of the Block is the Output for all Filled Batteries.