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Microwave Block Media:Microwave.ogg
Microwave Block with Items


Material Iron
Stack Size 64
Hardness 2
ID of:microwave
Energy Usage 2 / t



The Microwave can be crafted with 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Iron Blocks, 1 Furnace and 3 Netherrack

How to Use

The normal Microwave can only cook Raw Food. But it can be upgraded with a Microwave Upgrade. When upgraded, the Microwave can smelt everything a normal Furnace can.


The Microwave has 3 Slots. The first one (left) is for the Battery. The second one (center) is for Raw Food. If the Microwave is Upgraded, the second slot accepts all Items a furnace can smelt. The third slot (right) is the Output.