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Advancements were added in Version 0.2


Title How to Obtain Parent
Useful Interior Craft a Nail
Home Decoration Craft a Table Useful Interior
Lights Craft a Lamp Home Decoration
Short Table Craft a Coffee Table Home Decoration
Look at this! Craft an Item Display Home Decoration
Look at those Colors! Craft a Stained Item Display Look at this!
Colorful Bar Craft a Bar Stool Home Decoration
Power! Craft a Low Capacity Battery Useful Interior
More Power! Craft a Medium Capacity Battery Power!
All the Power! Craft a High Capacity Battery More Power!
Schnitzel Cook a Schnitzel Useful Interior
Coffee Beans! Get a Coffee Bean Useful Interior
Ground Up Coffee Grind a Coffee Bean into Coffee Powder Coffee Beans!
Coffee! Make Coffee Ground Up Coffee
Stay Safe Craft a Safe Useful Interior
Kitchen Craft a Counter Useful Interior
Oven Craft an Oven Kitchen
Multitasking Combine the Stove Top and the Oven Oven
Heating Up Craft a Microwave Kitchen
Keeping Cool Craft a Fridge Kitchen
Washing Up Craft a Kitchen Sink Kitchen
Ground Up Craft a Grinder Kitchen
Stove Top Craft a Stove Top Kitchen
Charged Up Craft a Battery Charger Useful Interior
Chim chim cher-ee! Craft a Chimney Useful Interior
Vegan Oil! Get Vegetable Oil Useful Interior
Deep Fried Craft a Fryer Vegan Oil!
Vegetable Lights Craft a Candle Vegan Oil!
Merry Christmas! Craft a Door Garland Vegan Oil!
Glaring Christmas! Craft a Blinking Door Garland Merry Christmas!