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Directory * C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\config
File Name of.cfg

* Default Path


Setting Default Description Category
battery_capacity 5000 Energy Capacity of Batteries General
battery_capacity_medium 10000 Energy Capacity of Medium Capacity Batteries General
battery_capacity_high 20000 Energy Capacity of High Capacity Batteries General
disable_itemdisplay_animation false Disable Item Display Animation General
disable_microwave_sound false Disable Microwave "ding" Sound General
use_power true Machines like Microwaves use Battery Power General
freezer_usage 1 Freezer Energy Usage Power Usage
fryer_usage 1 Fryer Energy Usage Power Usage
microwave_usage 1 Microwave Energy Usage Power Usage
oven_usage 1 Oven Energy Usage Power Usage
pan_usage 1 Pan Energy Usage Power Usage
fryer_damage true Player takes damage when stepping on active Fryer Misc